In 2020, I had been reading and reflecting on how one simple act of stepping out in faith and kindness can have a rippling impact across depths we may never even know. My friend, Angela, told me that an event I had put on to educate friends about child trafficking in the cocoa industry, before I even knew her, led her to research fair trade practices and eventually launch her own ethically-minded business. Seeing family members pass on and reflecting on their impact in my life, made me realize how much of my creative drive is rooted in watching their creative endeavors. The years I've collected on this earth are starting to allow me to see the fruit of early dreams and callings.

Watching God weave these incredible webs with our lives, I decided to weave a web of my own – a story in pictures and vibrant words of how doing something to care for someone else can ripple and splash, affecting hundreds of people. I hope it leaves you encouraged and inspired.

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